The Outdoor Collective has a unique approach when it comes to offering gear and equipment.  We sell products both as a "MEMBER" retailer and as a "DIRECT" retailer. 

Our membership model allows us to showcase and sell premium products from local and regional brands that aren't typically sold in stores.  We understand smaller gear-builders who make excellent products but don't always have the margins to sell wholesale to retail stores.  This part of our model allows member companies to have their product(s) in brick and mortar while still making the margins they need to be a thriving outdoor business.  


As a direct retailer, we specialize in identifying and offering premium brands whose products make sense in this region of the country.  Unfortunately, our area doesn't offer all the products and/or apparel needed to properly explore and play in this part of the country.  That said, there are incredible products in the outdoor industry that we source to fill those gaps. 

Collectively, this makes for a vast array of specialized outdoor products this region offers and needs.  We guarantee that you won't be disappointed.  Again, we are a unique company constantly exploring better ways to retail.  

If you are an outdoor gear builder or maker and want to sell your product(s) at the Collective feel free to email us at